Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Once the demonstration project is complete and is deemed feasible and appropriate, the next phase will be a pilot project to build units at more dyers’ industries.
The individual dyers and the KSPCB will be asked to work together to fund the implementation of the pilot– and then onto complete implementation.

Often if is very difficult to consider that even the poor receiving a technology should fund a project that benefits their industry and make an investment in themselves.

This is really occupying my mind– where and how can we make the most impact. How do we ask people to pay something’s WORTH (any person on Earth).

There are some Social Entrepreneurship start-up funders:
Ashoka, Skoll, Acumen, Echoing Green, Kauffman, Draper Richards, Global Giving, Ford, etc.

Funding has covered the preliminary tests for this particular project through the demonstration and feasibility studies.
After that, small industries and governments should get involved in funding in order to take ownership and responsibility for the future of the treatment method, thus making it completely sustainable.


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